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Pic creds; ITWT

So, about 3 years ago, one of my friends started this Facebook group called Tunes. The group functions as a playfield for musiclovers and people in the music bizz, where we post new tunes or other industry news. Today, we are 175 members from around Finland, including producers, DJ's and musiclovers. We have now started up this blog where we post daily some fresh tunes and our techwizards has done a great job and made an Open Radio! Click on the Radio and filter what you like to hear with hashtags! 


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Hellurei! I've taken up the task to update my Soundcloud a bit, made some playlists, enjoy!

28.05.2014 kl. 11:44

ROME - vaycay

So, in the beginning of April, I went together with my boyfriends family to Rome to visit Enni who is doing her exchange studies there! We were greeted with a absolutely fabulous weather! 

So basically we just strolled around, went for long lunches and dinners, continued strolling and discovered the city by foot! It was my first time in Rome, but it was still easy to navigate with the help of a map. Our hotel was situated maybe 500 m from Termini station, and it was walking distance to everywhere. Or atleast we walked, almost 15km every day! So the surroundings near the hotel was really nice, there was a big art museum, a really cute street called Via Dei Serpenti, where we found a nice streetwear shop calles Suede and a nice vintage boutique and American Apparel. It was a bit off the tourist streets, with nice cafés and restaurants. We actually managed to see all the tourist attractions by coindicence, as we just strolled around from place to place. We went one night for some wine with my friend Valentina who studies in Rome, and went to a nice place in Trastevere, where there is also many nice places to visit! The shopping in Rome wasn't that great, I came almost empty handed home haha.. But it was a nice city, I really liked it and the weather was awesome! Food wise, well it is quite the same menus everywhere, romans really love their pizza! But one nice restaurant in Trastevere that I happen to remember the name of is Da Enzo, go there if you are going to Rome, it is a small restaurant with authentic italian food and everything is organic!


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A thing I love....

...the view from this appartment. I'm never gonna be able to settle for less.

30.04.2014 kl. 21:45

Hi, my name is Milla and I don't like music.

Okay, so where do I start? Hmm. Well, to begin with let's talk about my early taste in music. As a kid I listened to basically everything, my favourite artists were Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Linkin Park, Nelly, Limp Bizkit, Ying Yang Twins and Sean Paul. At sleepovers me and my friends usually played some CD really loud and pretended to be the artist, and it was awesome. At some stage, as the EMO trend was merging, I started to listen to Evanesence and got some heavy influences from my oldest sister. Then it transitioned to trance and psytrance, oh dear. Music comes and goes in trends, as you've probably noticed. 

My best years in music must have been 2010-2012. I loved music back then. I really did. I just absorbed music like a sponge, and stayed up late at night to scan through Youtube and Soundcloud for new songs. It was also the time as the dubstep and drum n' bass scene in Helsinki started to grow. After turning 18 in 2010, I spent the 2011 summer basically every weekend at some kind of gig. One of the best gigs I've ever been to was Cookie Monster in old Playground, my both eardrums basically exploded, and I got tinnitus (is it a word in english?) from it but it was just such a sick gig. 

The summer of 2011 and 2012, I went to great gigs in Club Lumia, I saw M.I.A and Big Boi and other great techno performances at Flow Festival and started to get more interested in the bassmusic/techno scene. I saw Julio Bashmore, Mosca, Africa Hitech and Diplo, which were absolutely awesome. The last absolutely great gig I saw must have been Africa Hitech at Flow 2012. I loved My Nu Leng, Chaos in the CBD, Goldffinch, Randomer, Joy Orbison and Boddika.Music was back then my fuel, I slept very little and just listened to music 24/7. I took the slower buss home so I could listen to my iPod. If I heard an awesome song while shopping I might have started to dance in the middle of the store. I walked with music in my ears all the time, even during lectures in school. 

Then, during the autumn of 2012, something happened, I moved to Tallinn and I still had the spark. But at some point, it just faded. I just got annoyed when listening through my playlists and basically just switched songs all the time. For maybe half a year, I didn't listen to music at all  and during the summer 2013 I was just frustrated. Dubstep and dub, all of a suddenly just died, as Skream said, and this absolutely awful house and tech house scene emerged. I really don't care for Swedish House Mafia or Avicii and those other names, you might think that I despise pop music but just doesn't make me feel anything. I only get annoyed and frustrated when listening to that kind of music. Massproduced in the purpose of making money, soul-less and absolutely boring. 

I've tried to find back to music, I've really tried but sometimes it feels like either the music is getting really commercial, some examples are Pendulum which I loved back in 2009ish, and now I can't stand them. But also Noisia which was my big love when listening to drum n' bass. I have always listened to hip hop and rap, but it feels like everything is nowadays about ass n' titties and money, songs are just excuses to brag about whatever is a cool subject at that moment. And when I was on Mosca's gig a few weeks ago, it wasn't that rich bassline deephouse anymore, it was some kind of blend of garage and 90's techno, what?! I just simply left the club because of frustration.

My main point is; I feel really lost here. I feel so frustrated. How can something I love so much just make me so annoyed? My favourite artist aren't making any music that makes me go "DAAAMN" anymore and everything feels the same, and if I find a tune I like, I get really tired of it quickly. 

I scrolled through my Soundcloud account earlier today and found that music was so much better back in 2011-2012, this is my personal opinion. I think that music got at some point so serious; I loved the playfulness and experimenting of sounds. I don't know to which direction I should continue here. 

So, my name is Milla and I lost my passion for music.

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Vinterlandskap från Tallinn

29.01.2014 kl. 19:11

Kokos kyckling med aromatisk glasnudel sallad

Jag har en liten dille på asiatisk mat för tillfället, så häromdagen gjorde jag till en vän kokos kyckling med glasnudelsallad. Fick inspiration till detta resept från Farangs kokbok, och orginalreseptet är väll aromatisk kycklingsallad med bananblomma. Min version är dock lite mer avskalad.

Okej, så vad du behöver till kokos kycklingen;

  • ca 400 gram kycklingbröst/ går lika bra med andra delar
  • en burk kokosmjölk
  • en bit ingefära, 
  • en chili
  • två vitlöksklyftor
  • 1 lime
  • ca 2-3 msk sojasås

Börja med att lägga ugnen på 200 grader, olja lätt en ungsform, lägg i kycklingen. Skiva ingefära, vitlök samt chili, lägg i. Häll på kokosmjölken och pressa över limen och därefter lägg i limen i formen likaså. Häll på lite soja (2-3 msk) och blanda om väl. Låt kycklingen vara i ugnen tills  genomstekt (20-30 min beroende på storleken av filéerna, prova er fram, skär upp och kolla). Låt kycklingen stå och svalna i såsen, och när den är tillräckligt sval så riv med hjälp av två gafflar, eller händerna, kycklingen till strimlor och sätt i en skilld skål. Häll lite av kokossåsen över kycklingen så att den inte torkar.

Till glasnudelsalladen så behöver du;

  • en kruka basilika
  • en kruka koriander
  • 1 chili (enligt smak)
  • glasnudlar (finns olika tjocklekar och olika former, jag använde beansprout nudlar)
  • vårlök
  •  cashew nötter
  • en skvätt lime juice
  • en skvätt sojasås

Koka glasnudlarna enligt instruktionerna på paketet och skölj tills kalla. Skär koriander samt basilika till ett konfetti, chili och vårlök till små bitar. Rosta lite cashewnötter i en torr panna så att de får lite färg. Släng ihop chili, basilikan, koriander samt glasnudlarna, rör om och pressa över lite lime juice och en skvätt sojasås. Rör i sist cashewnötterna.

Tadaa! Du kan blanda i kycklingen i salladen, men annars så lägg på salladen. Min vän  ville göra en satay sås snabbt så vi gjorde en liten fuskversion men som blev riktigt god!

Satay sås;

  • 2 dl peanut butter, osaltat och gärna chunky
  • 1 gullök
  • 2 vitlöksklyftor
  • 1 tsk spiskummin
  • 2 msk sojasås
  • 0,5 chili
  • saft av en halv lime
  • 2 msk farinsocker eller annat brunt socker

Skär löken och vitlöken till riktigt smått, stek i liten skvätt olja tills mjuka. Tillägg chili samt peanutbutter samt en skvätt vatten. Tillägg spiskummin, soja och lime saft samt sockret. Låt sjuda i några minuter.

29.01.2014 kl. 18:35

Banh mí

Häromdagen snappade jag lite inspiration från Instagram för att prova på  Banh mí, vietnamesiska baguetter ofta fyllda med grillat kött. Jag hittade ett resept som jag sedan lite tillämpade, som nu är en ny favorit! Min bättre hälft blev tokförälskad i dessa fyllda baguetter, så nu har vi ätit dessa till lunch och middag - två dagar irad. Väldigt snabbt, enkelt samt smaskigt!

Banh mí med grillat griskött;

Marinad till köttet (4 sandwichar)

  • 4 msk fisksås
  • 2 msk honung
  • 2 msk saltig soja
  • 2 vitlöksklyftor, skivade
  • 1-2 msk krossade pepparkorn (malde i mortel)
  • saft av 1/2 lime

Blanda ihop alla ingredienser i en stor skål, tillägg griskött. Jag köpte ca 380 gram griskotletter som jag skar i strimlor. Blanda om väl, täck över med elmukelmu och låt dra i minst 1 timme i kylskåpet, gärna 2.

Som fyllning i baguetterna (köpte färsk fransk baguette) använde jag vanliga salladsblad, gurka samt vårlök. Jag blandade ihop en majonäs-sås som jag bredde över bröden. Till majonäsen använde jag 1/3 thailändsk chili-garlic sås och 2/3 majonäs.

När köttet har stått och gottat sig i marinaden så skall du grilla det, jag använde mig av en grillpanna, vanlig stekpanna går galant men det ger lite godare smak med grillpanna. Lägg i lite vanlig olja (ryps) i pannan och låt den bli riktig het så att köttet får en fin karamellisering, det ger smak! Stek strimlorna ca 2-3 min så att köttet inte blir torrt men så att det är genomstekt. Vitlöksbitarna skall man ta bort före man steker köttet, bränd vitlök vill väll ingen äta!

Sen är det bara att lägga ihop bröden! Tadaaa!

Smaskens! :-)

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Xmas is cancelled :(

26.11.2013 kl. 23:34

Kaamos / ETDM


Today I was at ETDM, where it was the last day of the KAAMOS exhibition. The exhibition included some haute couture garments from estonian fashion designers and some jewellry and accessories from art students. It was really inspiring and interesting, I have a huge craving for the green fleece/woolen-jacket in pic nr 6! The exhibitions was as I said the last day there, so looking forward for the new ones. 

Eesti Tarbekunsti- ja Disanimuuseum, Lai 17.


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SRC; H&M,, Weekday, Zara, Gina Tricot

24.11.2013 kl. 01:17

Lindex SS14

Pictures; Lindex/


10 poäng går till.... LINDEX! SS14 kollektionen ser härlig ut! Väldig i min smak, yngre design och användbara plagg. Skorna är även bättre, hoppas de kommer i butik, loafersen och knähöga stövlarna ser inte så pjåkiga ut, inte heller gråemalerade klänningen, vita jackan, rutiga byxorna, vita klänningen.... I väntan på våren!

10 points goes to...LINDEX! So, Lindex SS14 looks very good! More youthful and spot on my style! I will definetily buy some of the pieces, the grey and white dress, white jacket and the tartan pants! Hope the shoes will also be available in stores, would love the loafers and the boots!





24.11.2013 kl. 00:14

Min materiella (orealistiska) julklappslista

Voita toivelistasi











Höhöh i brist på annat att göra, gå och checka in vad jag skulle möjligtvis tycka om att få i julklapp....

22.11.2013 kl. 21:18


 Lite om livet i Tallinn samt övrigt flum.


Fat Joe

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